All Songs of ZZ Top APK

All Songs of ZZ Top APK android

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This fun app will allow you to browse all of Zz Top's songs and have it always handy at your fingertips with single clicks only, makes it perfect for mobile browsing.

All songs of Zz Top will guide you through music videos, lyrics, chords, photos, info and a play list - all in a single app at the palm of your hand and wherever you go.

It is designed to make your mobile browsing a lot easier and far more enjoyable simply by transforming your (supposed to be) text typing into single clicks.

By using all songs apps you'll enjoy to do the following:

- Get a complete and extensive list of all songs from A to Z.

- Get all the information you need about Zz Top (from Wikipedia).

- Get plenty of photos (from Google Images) of Zz Top.

- Use a quick menu to play quickly any of Zz Top's chosen song.

- Scroll down easily to any of Zz Top chosen song's music video, lyrics and chords.

- Play quickly a random song from the song list.

- Play Zz Top's play list.

- Learn a new thing you've never knew about Zz Top

This simple and useful app is a must have one if you are among Zz Top's fans.

Enjoy your mobile browsing.
All Songs Apps. Fun and simple.



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