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トライアングルラブゲーム - バレンタインを受賞..

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Triangle Love Game

In LOVE… Want to know if you win your valentine or rival wins…
Play Triangle Love Game before you propose your girl or boy or 2-spirit friend.
Compare current live-in partner with the desired partner.
Sleepless nights due to beloved get attracted by rival? Break anxiety Play Triangle Love Game.
Know the compatibility of teenage love, college love, office love, matured love, married love, pure n true love.

Play Triangle Love Game that facilitates 3x3 love combinations to know who wins the beloved.
Two-Spirit, Male & Female Gender options enabled only in Triangle Love Game that supports all kinds of LOVE.
> Male wins Female or Male or Two-Spirit against Male or Female or Two-Spirit Rival?
> Female wins Male or Female or Two-Spirit against Female or Male or Two-Spirit Rival?
> Two-Spirit wins Male or Female or Two-Spirit against Male or Female or Two-Spirit Rival?
Triangle Love logic formula applied for the names entered to determine the winner & loser.
Don’t lose the HOPE. When it gets dark the stars will come out,
Keep Playing Triangle Love Game with alternative name of yours, beloved and rival.

Play DOB Match to know the % of love between you & your beloved.
Play Thumb Match to know the compatibility between you & your beloved
*Heart Touching Music in the background*

Share love results with your beloved, rival or friends on social network.
Valuable feedback / suggestions most welcomed.

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