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ANT +の有効アプリの無線ANT +通信を可能にします。

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ベライゾン: 3.6.0
サイズ: 2.5M


This service is similar to the system components that enable other forms of wireless connectivity on your phone (ie. WiFi, NFC) and will not run or use system resources unless you start an app that requires ANT wireless communication. It is pre-installed by your device manufacturer to allow the built-in ANT wireless hardware already present in your mobile device to operate. If you do not intend to use this feature there will be no impact to your system and no further action is required.

If this service is not pre-installed on your phone you may still be able to enable ANT+ communication, see for more info.

The ANT+ Plugins enable other apps to communicate with millions of ANT+ wireless enabled devices. These other applications which utilize the plugins will allow you to do things such as collect, transfer, and view your sport, health, and fitness data in real time. New apps, devices, and profiles are continually being developed, with endless opportunity for personal monitoring and other low-power communication applications.

The current version of the plugins supports the following ANT+ profiles:
-Bike Power: Receive power data from ANT+ cycling power meters. Includes seamless support for all power meter types and the new advanced data sent from meters such as the Garmin Vector
-Audio, Video, and Generic Controls profiles: Send and Receive control data with remote controls (IE: use a remote control watch app to control your MP3 player or camera)
-Heart Rate: Receive live heart rate data from heart rate straps produced by many popular manufacturers
-ANTFS Watch downloader utility: Download saved activities from ANTFS enabled watches
-Bike Speed and Cadence: Receive live bike speed, distance, and/or cadence data
-Blood Pressure: Download saved measurement data from blood pressure devices
-Stride-based Speed and Distance Monitor: Receive live speed and distance data from footpods
-Fitness Equipment: Connect to ANT+ enabled fitness equipment to receive live workout data
-Geocache: Search for and receive/send data with remote devices such as the Garmin Chirp
-Weight Scale: Read and download weight data and advanced body measurements such as BMI from ANT+ enabled weight scales
-Environment: Receive temperature data and records from remote temperature sensors such as the Garmin Tempe

Attention Developers! Using the ANT+ plugins in your app to communicate with ANT+ devices is quick, easy, and free and uses a simplified API that doesn't require referencing technical documents or learning new protocols. Visit the ANT Android Developer page for more info and to download the SDK.

Note: This application is a service that other applications use to communicate with ANT+ devices. It can not be launched directly. List of certified applications:

Also note: This service requires the ANT Radio Service to be installed and requires hardware support built into your phone or via an adapter. Please refer to the ANT Radio Service listing for more info and hardware requirements ( or

ANT+ is an established wireless technology with over 60 million devices in the market. With ANT+ you have the opportunity to link to top devices and applications to collect, transfer and track your very own data. ANT+ is an extremely power efficient solution with advanced functionality, that gives you the most reliable data, simply and easily. Look for the ANT+ logo on your devices to ensure you get the best in sport, fitness and health monitoring.

Please send any questions to [email protected]

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  •  金子高之

    調べればすぐわかるけど ANTは低消費電力型無線通信規格。歩数計や何かのウェアラブル端末何かと通信するのに使うらしい。それら使わない人には何の恩恵もないが。

  •  中村まり子

    調べればすぐわかるけど ANTは低消費電力型無線通信規格。歩数計や何かのウェアラブル端末何かと通信するのに使うらしい。それら使わない人には何の恩恵もないが。

  •  jiatu li
    jiatu li

    ウェアラブル端末との接続に使うアプリらしい 持ってないので使い道ありません...ので、評価は普通の3で。アプリの説明に日本語もあった方がいいですね。英語が読めない人が多いみたいなので。

  •  Tom Nakamura
    Tom Nakamura

    どの端末に使えるアプリ? 必要になった時に入れればよいので削除できるようにしてください

  •  横山智宏

    どの端末に使えるアプリ? 必要になった時に入れればよいので削除できるようにしてください

  •  石井康夫

    翻訳して読んでから☆付けたほうが... ウェアラブル端末と接続する為のプラグインです。私は持っていないので使う事がありませんが、何かのケースで使う事もあるかもしれないので、そのままにしています。入っていてもプラグイン単体では何も起きないので問題ないかと......。


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