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Belimed AG

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ベライゾン: 1.2
サイズ: 25M


Experience Belimed on your mobile device.
Help Sarah to keep the washer and sterilizer up and running to maintain the production schedule!
Manage the reprocessing department of a big pharmaceutical company. You have to process all the goods in order to supply the laboratory with glassware, funnels and other equipment required for research as well as prepare pouches and shot’s for delivery.
But watch out: You have to help her to reprocess all the goods before they fall off the conveyor!
Try to score combo points (deploy two items at the same time to the laboratory or van) and keep up as long as possible to achieve a higher score!

Game Features:
- One endless level with increasing difficulty
- Hi-Score List to compare your results
- Finest hand drawn animations
- Realistic physics engine (goods on conveyor)
- Foot tapping blues and swing soundtrack
- Particle effects


Belimed is one of the leading global suppliers of innovative cleaning, disinfection and sterilization solutions for Medical and Life Science. The company has some 1 200 employees in 10 countries and is represented by a network of sales subsidiaries and authorized partners in more than 80 countries.

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